R R Stones Pvt Ltd has three full-fledged production branches of 60 work yards, each of which are well-managed by an experienced pool of skilled technical supervisors and controllers. Maintaining high standards of quality, integrity and professionalism, we have achieved remarkable success in manufacturing several grades of high quality stone products.


Our fine-tuned work process system is driven by a skilled work force and quality control mechanism. Our impressive range of products includes Feldspar and Quarts lumps, chips and powders in different mesh sizes, Granite products such as Cobblestones, Cubes, Pavers, Kerbs and special materials like Steps, Treads, Benches, Posts and Bridges etc. Each is a work of master class by skilled hands and hand tools.

The Granite raw materials that are brought to work yards are cut and trimmed by skilled workers to required sizes without disturbing its natural appearance. Fine chiseling or dressing is done depending on the requirement and on completion of the work process.

Feldspar and Quartz lumps that are brought to the work yards are screened to required sizes or pulverized to the required mesh size by skilled technical workers ensuring the highest quality standards. We also offer the same in various packagings such as 40 kg, 50 kg and Jumbo bags.


R R Stones Pvt Ltd has three de-centralised branches:

  • Our Branch Office at Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka is headed by a Project Manager, who looks after the production of hand-dressed granite products at different quarry sites and dressing yards and deals with grant of mineral concessions and procurement of permits for movement of products and supply of raw materials to the granite factory.
  • Our Special Materials factory at Mulbagh run by a Plant Manager and assisted by skilled workforce of supervisors, artisans and quality managers is equipped with the latest machinery to produce products as per the customer requirement such as Steps, Treads, Benches, Posts and Bridges etc.
  • Our Project Office and Pulverizing Unit at Kothakota, Mahboobnagar District is managed by a Project Manager who looks after Quartz and Feldspar pulverizing in Ball Mills or Hammer Mills as per the requirement in different sizes and packed to world class standards. Our excellent production technique enables production of chips and powder with minimal wastage and of highest quality. The Project Manager is assisted by a team of technical and non-technical employees.

All three branches are well-equipped with the latest computer and telecommunication systems that help them to stay well-connected with the Head Office.