FeldsparFeldspar is chemically alumino-silicates Feldspar is a group of minerals which are important in the formation of many rocks. Feldspar minerals are essential components in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, to such an extent that the classification of a number of rocks is based uponfeldspar content. The fusibility of the mineral make it useful raw material for many application and the purity is the indication of better fusibility in the application. The geological context specific to each deposit gives the feldspar a variety of physical and chemical properties, thus providing products for a full-range of ceramic and glass making applications This feldspar is widely used in manufacturing glass, ceramics, fillers and many other applications.

In the field of flooring feldspar is used as a flux for vitrifying temperature of a ceramic body and thus bringing a glassy surface. This feldspar greatly increases the strength, toughness, and durability of the ceramic body, and cements the crystalline phase of other ingredients, softening, melting and wetting other batch constituents. Customers can avail this feldspar in different ranges based on their specifications and in market leading prices.

Application of Feldspar: It is widely used in the manufacture of glassmaking, ceramics, filler, paints, plastics etc.